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Double Pooch Portrait

23 Nov

Did this awhile back on my friend. I’ve done a few doggie portraits before, but never of two dogs at once. These guys are best friends as you can tell. I left the edges off because I kinda like how the negative space makes it a bit more emotional. Sadly the little guy passed away a few days later. Tattoo therapy, rest in peace “Pinky”.



African Comedy and Tragedy

1 Aug

Here’s a slightly different take on a classic tattoo design. When my client asked me to do these, of course at first I hemmed and hawed at doing yet another comedy an tragedy tattoo, even if this is a lot different than any I have ever been asked to do before. The irony is that we did them the night the Travon Martin verdict came in, these masked reflect my feelings that night, happy I got to do something different but obviously upset about the verdict .



Afreekah Quarter Sleeve (Mursi Tribal Woman)

4 Jun

I did this Mursi tribal woman piece after my apprentice Carlos Wilson did the continent a lil while back. My client asked me to incorporate the Aya and Akoben Adinkra symbols with the Cowrie shell. The goal was to create a Afrocentric qtr sleeve that would last, with some realism thrown in. This was a lot of fun on many levels, I look forward to developing this style. This picture is of a totally healed tattoo for what it’s worth.

Proud Lion Tribal

18 May

Ok, I’m a baaaaaaad blogger! I could go into this whole I’m “old school” and don’t use computers BS, truth is I’m a lazy as fuck when it comes to all this social networking! So, there it is judge away. Now, to the blogging, did this last night on a local scholar/writer. When he first approached me about this we went through all the motions. He was unsure of what he wanted and how he wanted it. But luckily he was patient and open to new and fresh ideas. I don’t mind doing tribal, but I enjoying doing tribal that is a more socially conscious, for a lack of a better term. Anyway this is what we came up with.





Physics And Basketball

18 Jan

ABA Basketball Tattoo W/Vector Lines
Around thanksgiving, a friend of mine challenged me to do an original “Basketball” tattoo on him. He specified that he was a fan of the ABA, particularly the colored ball used in the ABA. I have done more than my fair share of basketball tattoo’s, most of which were admittedly pretty sterile, the flaming basketball or the ball right above the rim or a backboard with ball. Now if you check the work of some players in the NBA you will see a lot of “And-1” pieces similarly styled stuff. All in all it didn’t look good. After wrecking my brain for a few weeks I thought hey my friend loves science as much as I do. So the question was, how can I create a tattoo for a ball player who is very scientifically literate? Above is the sketch and below the finished tattoo. Now let me explain a little bit. The right angle vector lines are for horizontal and vertical momentum and the semi circular arrows represent spin. Now, before I get E-mails from people who know physics, I know that the vector arrows that represent spin is for a side view (like A wheel), and not a ball spinning on the finger, however I was more concerned with the way the vertical and horizontal vectors were represented in the composition of the tattoo than accurately representing the position of the ball in space! Either way this was super fun to do and I look forward to doing more science related Tattoos in the future!!! Hint Hint

ABA Basketball Tattoo W/ vector lInes

Great Horned Owl

5 Aug

This Tattoo was about a year in the making.I put this on the tender giblits(Ribs) of one of my apprentices. I started this tattoo on a particularly cold day last winter. Our heat was out and Jerk was being badgered by one of the “Drunkin Locals”. Let’s just say it was less than pleasant for him. In pain, cold, shivering and annoyed, I felt really sorry for him. Brown skin is so much more demanding when it comes to these super soft wildlife pieces. U have to resist the urge to put too much information in the tattoo. It’s important to use space to your advantage.I don’t do many tattoos like this looking forward to more,THANKS JERK.

T. Stamp Rose

24 Jun

No that is not my name ladies!!! I did this for one of my customers(Wifey) from the early years. It’s really a humbling experience to have someone patronize you for like ten years. Every time you see them you are instantly aware of how far you have come and how lucky you are!! Thanks Big Homie.