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Darth Cover Up

29 Mar

Darth Vader Cover Up

Ok, I admit I am kind of a dick for not posting anything in such a long time. My apologies but in my defense it has been a long cold winter and I haven’t done much work period, much less anything worth posting. So, anyway now that it’s spring again and the skin is feeling the suns radiation there should be plenty of postings coming up! I been waiting about two years to do this joint here. Anyone who knows me or has been into the shop knows I love Star Wars!!! And that I have a special place in my heart for the “Dark Side” of the force -hehe-. My customer had an extra gawd awful tribal armband and lucky for us both, he has a healthy appreciation for the “Dark Side” of the force as well and we agreed to cover it with Darth. And then he moves away (for work) two years ago and finally moved back and got it done. I really enjoyed this. Still gotta finish his shoulder cap (cover the rest) but def a good start me thinks. Looking forward to doing more SW stuff on him.