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Great Horned Owl

5 Aug

This Tattoo was about a year in the making.I put this on the tender giblits(Ribs) of one of my apprentices. I started this tattoo on a particularly cold day last winter. Our heat was out and Jerk was being badgered by one of the “Drunkin Locals”. Let’s just say it was less than pleasant for him. In pain, cold, shivering and annoyed, I felt really sorry for him. Brown skin is so much more demanding when it comes to these super soft wildlife pieces. U have to resist the urge to put too much information in the tattoo. It’s important to use space to your advantage.I don’t do many tattoos like this looking forward to more,THANKS JERK.


“Two The Hard Way” Art Show Pics June 30, 2011

5 Aug

This Art Show was my first in a Bar/Restaurant and I have to say all in all it was pretty good. Sold some paintings, ate some great food, got drunk met some new and interesting people, I can’t complain! Stay tuned for the next one. A special thanks goes out to Mike L, Alex F and Keirian @ P’cheen. Plus the staff Mike ,Doug and Layel for making our event even more awesome. Big shout out to D. Morris for contributing such amazing work! Also, thanks to everyone that came out… Big Unz, Juan Carlos, Liz, Keniesha, Kimba and Krit the Cupcake Junkie!! Love All You Muffukkas.