Archive | May, 2011

Fleur De Lis

19 May


I try to post only original artwork on this blog. However, sometimes I do something that’s just so different that I have to show and tell. Now when this lovely lady asked me for a Fleur de Lis I just knew I was going to be doing a fleur de Lis with Drew Breeze’s face in it or something! Then she handed me this. I love it when I’m wrong(not really). Anyway it was a pleasant surprise to do this unique Fleur De Lis on a very unique lady. P.S. I love my job!


Old Rugged Cross

12 May

So, i’m sitting in church at my fathers funeral looking at old pictures of him and the last picture taken of him and thinking how much different he looked. My father had cancer times two. Chemotherapy three times a week really transformed him into someone I barely recognized, it was a very strange feeling. Anyway I saw this design on one of the stained glass windows and as I was sketching it up one of my clients told me she wanted a cross for her mother who passed away and I believe she had cancer. It’s just one of those moments where it just happens the way it’s supposed too.