Archive | April, 2011

A Rose For Sister’s

21 Apr

I did this design twice on half sisters for their deceased fathers. I post this one because it is on the darker of the two sisters and the picture came out a lil better. But I really try to design my stuff to last a long time. I let a lot of her skin do the work,the colors just enhance the brown skin. It’s a simple thing i know but there is something to doing a lot with a little i think.


A Tale of Two Butterflies

21 Apr

So, anyone who has been doing this any amount of time has done a few butterflies right? I get up in the morn an think “man I hope I get to do a bunch of butterflies today??!! Um no, however! If I’m gonna do a butterfly or two I’m down for any thing like these two here! (and not these specifially).

Warhol “Pop Art” Tattoo

18 Apr

I never and ever thought I would get a chance to do a Warhol on somebodys skin!!! I blinked like twelve times when this guy told me he wanted this piece. This was really fun to do! Can’t wait for the next one!!

Dopamine and Serotonin

18 Apr

I love science tattoos!! Dopamine and Serotonin. Technically the only two things you enjoy!!