Tradish on Wood

28 Mar

Knocked out a yellow one. Kinda stands out a lil bit more than the Red. I’m trying to hustle up a bunch of these to sell. Anyway hope ya like!!


Peacock Feather Sleeve

20 Mar

Here is a progress shot of this peacock feather sleeve I’m working on. Is tried to do something a bit different with the feathers, usually you see a lot of blue and green with these. My idea was to concentrate the color in a small area to maximize the effect of the black. On darker skin this has a bold impact in my opinion. Any way we still have background to do. Stay tuned.


Panther Rose

16 Jan

Sooooo, I been doing these acrylic on wood joints. I was strolling through the craft store and found these tree slices and thought it might be pretty cool to paint some traditional type tattoo stuff on em. Anyway this is the first one. Please let me know what you think?




Boab Elephant

16 Jan

I don’t really have anything clever to say about this piece. It’s all pretty self explanatory. PS did you know the Boab tree is a big ass succulent?


Double Pooch Portrait

23 Nov

Did this awhile back on my friend. I’ve done a few doggie portraits before, but never of two dogs at once. These guys are best friends as you can tell. I left the edges off because I kinda like how the negative space makes it a bit more emotional. Sadly the little guy passed away a few days later. Tattoo therapy, rest in peace “Pinky”.


Broken N Board Art Show OCT 26

23 Nov

This was the last art show for the year. We had some amazing work submitted. We had a lil lighter attendance than usual but all in all a good time was had by all. Looking forward to 2014 bigger and better! Thank you to everyone who attended and submitted work.











Broke N Board Art Show

25 Sep